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01. There is alway time. Time is priorities. 时间常有。时间优先。

02. Days always fill up. 时间总会有的。
Only plan for 4-5 hours of real work per day. 每天只计划4-5小时用于真正工作。—— DDH,37signals

03. Work more when you are in the zone. Relax when you‘re not. 当你在工作状态时,那就多干点;不在状态时,就好好休息。
“有时候会连着几天不是工作状态,有时在工作状态时却又能天天忙活 12 小时,这都很正常的。” —— Alain Paquin
译注:If you are in the zone you are happy or excited because you are doing something very skilfully and easily.

04. Respect your time and make it respected. 重视你的时间,并使其值得重视。
“ your time is 1000$/hour, and you need to act accordingly. 你的时间是1000美元/小时,你得行动起来。

05. Stop multi-tasking. It merely kill your focus. 不要同时多任务。这只会消耗注意力。(保持专注,一心一用)

06. Set up a work routine and stick to it. Your body will adapt. 养成一个工作习惯,并持之以恒。你的身体会适应过来的。

07. We’re always more focused and productive with limited time. 在有限的时间内,我们总是非常专注并且有效率。

08. Work is the best way to get working. Start with short task to get the ball rolling. 获取工作的最佳方式就是工作。(把要做的工作分成多个小任务,)从小任务开始做起,让整个工作运转起来。(千里之行始于足下)

09. Work iteratively. Expectation to do things perfectly are stifling. 迭代工作。期待完美收工会令人窒息。
” 做完事情,要胜于完美收工。“ Facebook 办公室墙壁上贴的箴言。

10. More work hours doesn’t mean more productive. Use constraints as opportunities. 工作时间越长,并不等于效率越高。把约束当成机遇吧。

11.Separate brainless and strategic tasks to become more productive. 按重要性划分工作,提高效率。
Separate thinking and execution to execute faster and think better. 把思考和执行独立开来,是为了更快的执行和更好的思考。—— Sol Tanguay, Imarklab

12. Organize meetings early during the day. Time leading up to an event is often wasted. 有会议,尽早安排。用于准备会议的时间往往都浪费掉了。

13. Group meetings and communications (email or phone) to create blocks of uninterrupted work. 群组会议和沟通(邮件或电话)会产生不连续的任务。
”即便是一个简单的会议,也会毁了一个下午。把下午分割成两个过小时间段,以至于啥事也做不成了。“——Paul Graham。
PS:①《请不要打断开发人员》 ② “当看到一个程序员冥思苦想的时候,不要过去打扰,甚至在极端的情况下,一句友好的问候都是多余的。 ”

14. Keep the same context throughout the day. Switching between projects/clients is unproductive. 在一整天中,保持工作环境。在不同项目/客户之间换来换去,这不高效。

15. Work around procrastination. Procrastinate between intense sprints of work (Pomodoro). 工作之外就是拖延。高强度工作之间都有着拖延。——《番茄工作法》当中的一个观点,这话直译相当别扭,感觉应该是 Rest between intense sprints of work。或者就是我理解有误或不到位。

16. ”Break the unreasonable down into little reasonable chunks. A big goal is only achieved when every little thing that you do everyday, gets you closer to that gloal.” 把不切实际的(任务)分割成多个小的合理部分。一个大目标,只要你每天都做些小事情,你也就更靠近那个大目标了。—— escaping the 9 to 5

17. No two tasks ever hold the same importance. Always prioritize. Be really careful with to-do lists. 从来没有两个任务会有相同的优先级。总会有个更重要。请仔细考虑代办事情列表。

18. Always know one thing you really need to get done during the day.必须要明白你白天要真正去完成哪件事。
“Only ever work on the thing that will have the biggest impact” 只去做那件有着最大影响的事情。—— Jason Cohen

19. Break tasks in to hour increments. Long tasks are hard to get into; feels like it all needs to get done. 长任务难以入手,把任务按等量时间划分。如此一来,小任务给人感觉的是,很快就要做完了。

20. Delegate and learn to make use of other people. 授权,并学会(利)用(他)人。// 直译过来,虽然”利用“二字有点怪怪的,但就是这么个道理。
“If something can be done 80% as well by someone else, delegate!” 如果某件事其他人也可以做到八成,那这件事就可委派给其他人。

21. Turn the page on yesterday. Only ever think about today and tomorrow. 把昨天翻过去,只考虑今天和明天。
“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games” “昨天的全垒打没有赢得今天的比赛”

22. Set deadlines for everything. Don’t let tasks go on indefinitely. 给所有事情都设定一个期限。不要让工作无期限地进行下去。

23. Set end dates for intense or stressful activities. Everything ends at some point. 针对时间紧或有压力的事情,设置结束时间。在某种程度上,万事皆会终结。

24. Always take notes. 多做备注。
“Get a reminder app for everything. Do not trust your own brain for your memory” 装一个提醒应用吧,有句俗话,好记性不如烂笔头。

25. Write down anything that distracts you- google searches, random thoughts, new ideas, whatever. The point is, if you write them down, they’ll stop bubbling up when you’re in the zone. 在你进入(工作)状态后,记下任何分散你注意力的东西。比如 Google 搜索词、灵光乍现的想法、新点子等等。如果你把它们记下来,它们就不会在蹦来蹦去了。

26. Take breaks. Sometimes. 请适当休息!